Nagalase occurs naturally in the intestines where it breaks down glyocproteins in our food.

Nagalase is also produced in quantities by cancers, viruses & bacteria to break down a specific glycoprotein in our blood - Vitamin D Binding (Glyco)Protein.  Nagalase breaks VDBP at a triage of sugars that are required to activate our immune cells, thus elevated levels of Nagalase in the blood can lead to immune-suppression then cancers and pathogens grow unchecked. 

Because it is an enzyme—a catalyst—Nagalase performs this malicious ritual over and over and over again, and each time it comes away unscathed and unchanged. One Nagalase molecule can thus destroy a huge quantity of Vitamin D Binding Protein molecules. 

Nagalase has no natural enemies. No bodily process, no drug, no treatment could outsmart this diabolical killer. Until Dr. Nobuto Yamamoto researched and published Nagalase, we had no idea as to the actual cause of the immune shutdown that allows cancers and viruses grow unchecked.

Nagalase is a very sensitive marker and can indicate cancer cells before they can be seen on any current scans, tests, or biopsies.  Thus it is not recognised in mainstream medicine as a marker, as they could only tell you that you have the beginnings of a cancer, but they could not give any medication for this.  At this very early stage, a change in lifestyle and the addition of MAFActive may be all it takes to reverse the symptoms