Administration of GcMAF and cdMAF to cancer bearing mice, to ascertain doses and intervals, using survival time and nagalase levels to record the effects.The readings of nagalase increased as the tumours grew.

The control group survived around 16 days.

1. administration ofGcMAF 100pg/mouse gave a survival time of 35 days

2. administrations of GcMAF, at day 0 and at day 4 after transplantation, survival increased to more than 50 days.

3. Mice that received GcMAF at days 4 and 8 after transplantation survived up to 32 days.

4.  administrations of GcMAF or cdMAF in 4 day intervals after transplantation, showed an extended survival of 90 days, with a nagalase level as low as healthy control group during the survival period.

This seems to be a poorly reported study, as it gives no indication of the performances of the different MAFs in relation to each other.