Administration of GcMAF to cancer bearing mice, to ascertain doses and intervals, using survival time and nagalase levels to record the effects.

The control group survived around 13 days.

1 administration of 100pg (picogram)/mouse was given to 8 mice at the same time as tumour transplantation, 7 survived around 21 days, 1 more than 60.

2 administrations of GcMAF, at day 0 and at day 4 after transplantation, 6 survived about 31 days, 2 more than 60 days.

3 administrations of GcMAF in 4 day intervals after transplantation, 6 of the eight survived more than 60 days, with a nagalase level as low as healthy control group during the survival period.No mention of the survival time of the other 2 mice.

Conclusion is that the administration of small amounts of GcMAF caused protracted macrophage activation.